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BLE Dual mode use (Translated by Google)

Here is how to use BLE dual mode, this description is suitable for ydkb supported BLE dual mode keyboard

BLE Series Keyboards
1800mini X-8086K BLE40 BLUP YDPM40BLE YDP50
YD60BLE Minira BLE HHKB CAD66 Chicory ALF X3

Drive installation (for win7)

Win7 does not support Bluetooth 4.0, you need to use a third-party driver, here for thousands of months, for thousands of months to support most of the cheap csr8510 Bluetooth 4.0 adapter sold on Taobao.

Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth is searchable and connected when no Bluetooth device is connected to the device and Bluetooth is not turned off. After the computer or other device has found the keyboard Bluetooth, click on it to pair the connection.

Ios and mac If you can't find the keyboard in the built-in Bluetooth management, please go to the App Store to download Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect, use it to search and connect the keyboard.

Pairing of different systems, with specific reference to the corresponding description.

If there is an pairing or connection exception, including but not limited to the inability to pair, the power will not be connected after the pairing, the computer repeatedly shows that the connection has been paired, etc., you can use the keyboard's clear paired (left and right Shift+R or self-setting) function, this operation is to clear all the paired in the Bluetooth module Information must be re-paired on the device after it has been executed, instead of just deleting the Bluetooth keyboard on the device and pairing it, which does not necessarily solve the problem.

Multiple device switching

Bluetooth and USB switching, you can set a button yourself, or use left and right Shift+U. If multiple Bluetooth devices are paired, active switching between different Bluetooth devices is currently not supported, so to switch from A to B, assuming that A is currently connected, you need to turn off Bluetooth for A and turn on Bluetooth for B.

Signal Optimization

Bluetooth is also a 2.4G wireless, want to make the best use of it, as much as possible.

  1. Reduce the continued interference of other 2.4G, so use your own network with 5GHz wifi as much as possible.
  2. Reduce blocking and interference from the keyboard to the Bluetooth receiver. USB3.0 devices with high-speed communication between the Bluetooth receiver and the keyboard or next to the Bluetooth receiver will also have a big impact.
  3. If the signal is good and the signal starts to get worse, re-switch the Bluetooth of the computer and reconnect it once or several times, sometimes it will improve. (because I switched to a channel with less interference)
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