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BLE module firmware upgrade

The Bluetooth module of YDKB's BLE series uses the firmware of Adafruit Bluefruit LE. For the specific update, please see:

Here is a brief description of how to update this firmware.

The above changelog only covers to 0.7.7, which is also the default Bluetooth module firmware. The latest version is 0.8.1, the specific update content is unknown. According to some users's feedback, 0.8.1 is a bit smoother on Mac, which improves the occasional combo problem. If you are a Mac user, it is recommended to update.

Update Bluetooth firmware

Bluefruit LE Connect is required to update the Bluetooth firmware. Mac/iOS/iPadOS can download it directly from the App Store. Android can download it from the Play Market, or there is an apk file in the group share.

Before upgrading the Bluetooth firmware, please delete the paired keyboard on your host device. Ensure that the keyboard Bluetooth is not connected by any device.

Then open Bluefruit LE Connect software (mobile phone or computer), search for the keyboard, click and connect. Don't care about the NO Name ones, they are not the target device.

As shown in the pic above, select Updates, then 0.8.1, and click to start the upgrade.

The progress bar first shows it is downloading firmware from the server. Some networks may have problems with downloading or occasional problems with the Mac version, that causes the progress bar to be very slow or interrupted (the upgrade can be completed in about 1 minute normally). In this case, You can try to use a mobile phone with a mobile network. The following pic shows the interface for upgrading the Bluetooth firmware with mobile phone.

After the upgrade is complete, the keyboard may need to be powered off and restarted once. Then re-pair it with your host device and the keys should work again.

If the list keeps showing nothing, you can choose to update the firmware manually. Download the files here:

The required files are the following two:

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