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Charge & Battery Information

Win10 supports battery level display from 1809.
iOS supports battery display at least after 12.3.
Mac does not currently support it.
Linux tested Ubuntu 19.04 supports battery level display.

Battery Charging

It is recommended to use the computer's USB port or a regular 5v charger to charge the keyboard. Improper charging(like more than 6v) may broke the charging IC. Using a high-power charger will not increase the charging speed as the default charging current is limited to about 450mA.

The charging indicator has three states:

  1. Low brightness or flicker means abnormal(no battery or battery problem).
  2. High brightness means charging
  3. Off or extremely low brightness means that the battery is fully charged.

Generally it is no need to pay too much attention to this indicator light. You can know how long it takes to charge after one charge. Or when you think of charging, plug in the USB cable to charge it. When the keyboard reminds you of low battery, it can still be used for more than one day.

Output battery level in text

This function is suitable for all systems.

At present, the Mac does not support the battery percentage display of third-party Bluetooth keyboards. IOS has been updated to support it. Hope that Mac will also update someday.

First add the above key on the keyboard. Then, wherever you can type text, press this key, and it will output the current battery level like typing.

The text output battery level function can also be used for debugging. In addition to the normal battery value, for example, when it outputs 12, it means that the Bluetooth function is turned off, and if it outputs 44 or 45, it means that the battery value has not been obtained correctly.

Win10 battery display

Win10 1809 update Microsoft has re-pushed, an update on 1809 is to support the power display of Bluetooth devices (less part).

The YDKB BLE series keyboard also quickly followed this feature, updating most of the keyboard firmware to support this feature. Some points:

  1. Only the battery level at the time of use is displayed, and the battery level at the time of charging is not displayed.
  2. The battery value is updated when the keyboard enters the power save mode and is updated once all lights are off. Non-real time updates.
  3. The approximate level displayed is not accurate and is for reference only. Every 10% is a level, and the highest display is 90%.

Instructions for old firmware:

Go to to download the latest firmware and reflash it. After the reflash is finished and the keyboard reboots, it can be used. Unplug the USB and turn off the switch to power off the keyboard once, or use the LShift+RShift+B to restart the keyboard. Then, delete the paired keyboard on your computer and re-pair it. You should be able to see the battery display.

The above operation only needs to be done once.

Win10's latest 1809 can be displayed directly.

Otherwise third-party software is required. Mac is not supported, Mac is not sure if there is any third-party software used to display the power of non-Apple keyboards.

The third-party software is known as the Bluetooth Battery Monitor, and it takes win8 above to display the power of the BLE device. And the software itself can display the power of some other wireless devices that win10 1809 does not support.

Note: The calculation of the battery display is not currently accurate and is for reference only.

iOS battery display

iOS in the widget, after adding the power, this group button will display the battery of the BLE series, as shown below.

Ubuntu 19.04 battery display

After pairing the keyboard, in the setting –Power, you can see the battery information of the Bluetooth keyboard, as shown below.

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