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iOS/iPadOS Pairing

It is very simple, as long as the iPhone or iPad is not particularly old, the hardware should support Bluetooth 4.0.

  1. To connect to the keyboard with a device, first make sure the keyboard is unconnected so it can be searched.
  2. Search for the keyboard from Bluetooth management and click Connect. When searching for a keyboard, what is displayed at the beginning may not be the keyboard name but an address, or called “accessories”.

iOS is not particularly friendly to third-party HID devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE4.0). Therefore, when the keyboard cannot be searched, Please follow the steps below.

If keyboard cannot be found:

Mac and iOS have stricter requirements for Bluetooth services.

If the keyboard has the latest updated firmware after 2019.6.20, then regenerate a firmware and reflash it to the keyboard. Then press LShift+RShift+R. The keyboard should be searched and the icon displayed after successful connection is a keyboard, not the Bluetooth icon in the screenshot below.

If that doesn't work, then try the supplementary method below to connect using Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect.

Addon note for Cannot be found :

Enter the App Store, search for “Bluefruit LE”, find the following application, and install it.

Then open this app. In this app, you can search the keyboard.

Click Connect behind the keyboard and you will be prompted for a pairing request.

Click on pairing to finish. From the Bluetooth settings in the system, you can also see that the Bluetooth keyboard is connected.

If you encounter other problems

If pairing or connection is abnormal, including but not limited to not being able to be paired, not being able to auto-connect after switching on or the computer repeatedly shows that it has been connected and paired, etc. , You can use Delete bonding information (LShift+RShift+R or set it yourself).

This operation is to clear all paired information in the Bluetooth module. You must perform it before re-pairing on the host device, instead of just deleting the Bluetooth keyboard and re-pairing it on the host device.

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