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macOS pairing (Translated by Google)

macOS is not particularly compatible with third-party HID devices for Bluetooth 4.0(BLE4.0). So if there is a problem that the keyboard cannot be searched, you can do the following.

The first is normal, very simple, as long as it is not a very old mac computer, the hardware should support Bluetooth 4.0.

  - To connect to the keyboard with one device, first make sure that the keyboard is not connected so that it can be searched.   - Search for the keyboard from Bluetooth Management and click Connect. When searching for the keyboard, it is not necessarily the name of the keyboard. It may be an address, just click on the connection.

Search for a Bluetooth keyboard Connected

If there is a situation that cannot be found:

Go to the App Store, search for “Bluefruit LE”, find the app below, install it.

Then open the app, in this app, you can search the keyboard. Click and connect. After that, it can be used normally.

In the Bluetooth preferences, you can also see that the keyboard is connected.

If you encounter other problems

If there is an pairing or connection exception, including but not limited to the inability to pair, the power will not be connected after the pairing, the computer repeatedly shows that the connection has been paired, etc., you can use the keyboard's clear paired (left and right Shift+R or self-setting) function, this operation is to clear all the paired in the Bluetooth module Information must be re-paired on the device after it has been executed, instead of just deleting the Bluetooth keyboard on the device and pairing it, which does not necessarily solve the problem.

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