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Niz Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle

After testing, the keyboards of the YDKB BLE series can be paired with the Niz dongle.

The dongle can be bought at this Taobao store:

It can be understood that it is a Bluetooth 4.0 to USB-HID device, so as long as systems and devices that support USB keyboards can use this receiver.

Niz Dongle Features

Niz dongle features: (quote the description from the taobao link)

  1. No need to install drivers, plug and play! Any system that supports the USB-HID protocol can be used (ordinary USB wired keyboard uses the USB-HID protocol)
  2. Support Win XP Win7 Win8 Win10 Linux Mac Android
  3. Support BIOS identification and entry operation
  4. Support type-C interface adapter cable (such as wireless connection via USB / Type-C adapter cable and mobile phones that support true Type-C interface)
  5. Dedicated Bluetooth adapter only works with this brand of wireless Bluetooth keyboard

And my addition:

  1. For point 3, not all motherboards may support it. The receiver itself needs about 5 seconds to start up and connect to the Bluetooth keyboard. If some motherboards start up too fast, you may not be able to use this receiver to enter the BIOS.
  2. For point 5, as long as you use a simple paired Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard, this receiver is supported, so YDKB BLE series keyboards can use it.

Pairing method

For YDKB BLE devices, the paring method is as follows:    -Insert the adapter into the USB port of the computer, press and hold the small M button on the adapter for 3 seconds and then release it (clear the original pairing information in the adapter), the adapter will automatically search the near cnnectable keyboard when the pairing information is empty (Blinking).    -Make sure that the YDKB BLE series keyboard Bluetooth is not connected to other devices and it is discoverable. Then they will automatically complete pairing.

Disadvantage of Niz Dongle

Finally, add one more disadvantage of using this receiver:

  1. It only supports regular keys. The multimedia keys (such as volume control, startup calculator, media control, etc., are not supported), and mouse functions are not supported


If the system itself supports BLE better, it is recommended to use it directly. Most computers now come with Bluetooth.

If the multimedia keys are not particularly needed, then the system is more special without a Bluetooth driver, and there are those who want to connect the keyboard to the KVM, you can consider using this receiver.

There are also those who want to try this method of use, you can also buy it yourself.

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