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Reset BLE

For some pairing problems, you can press LShift+RShift+R to solve.(again, this shortcut key is not Reset BLE).

But in some cases that method it does not work. Thus, consider using Reset BLE. Try software reset first. If still no effect, try hardware reset.

When BLE Reset is needed

Of course, when keyboard is abnormal, and other methods can not solve it, try reseting ble.

It is currently known that when paired to Mac, problems may occur occasionally.

Specifically, now summarize some possible situations, you can refer to:

  1. The keys are not working properly when connected to USB only (Bluetooth also works when using only USB)
  2. The battery service is abnormal. There is no battery percentage display on Windows 10. And sometimes there is an error like missing keystroke when typing on the keyboard (the error will also occur in only USB mode).
  3. The result of outputting battery level in text is 44 or 45.
  4. The keybaord can be connected but not work on Mac, the icon displayed when searching for pairing in Windows 10 is not the keyboard. And it cannot be solved by using LShift+RShift+R

For question 1, in Mac, you can view it through Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect (you can also use Android or iOS to install this app).

As shown below, if the battery Service is missing, this will cause the keyboard to work abnormally (either USB or Bluetooth). You need to do RESET.

Software reset and hardware reset

Try software reset fist. If the keyboard controller can still configure the Bluetooth module, software reset will work.

The hardware reset generally requires disassembling the keyboard and shorting the module. When the software reset does not work, try hardware reset. The hardware reset is a function of the Bluetooth module itself. As long as it can power on normally, it should work.

If you can't disassemble the keyboard temporarily, you can use the Bluetooth Function switch in Bluetooth Function switch & connection status to turn off the Bluetooth function. So you can use it without problem in USB mode. However, please remember to turn on the Bluetooth function when you reset Bluetooth later.

Whether software reset or hardware reset, the sign of Successful reset is that the name of the Bluetooth reverts to the default Adafruit Bluefruit LE.
And After the keyboard restarts, if this name is correctly configured to the keyboard's default name, there should be no problem with the Bluetooth hardware.

How to do Software Reset

This requires firmware support. So be sure to update to the latest firmware first.

Use Reset in LEDs & Functions. You need to set it to your keymap at first.

Because resetting Bluetooth is a function that is rarely used, it is not added to the function description on the webpage. The actual operation is when pressing (generally, Reset is not set to layer 0, so it is pressed at the same time when it is actually used. May be 4 keys)

LWin+LAlt+Reset or LCmd+LOpt+Reset,

reset Bluetooth. The Bluetooth name reverts to Adafruit Bluefruit LE, and then you can restart the keyboard (for example, unplug the USB and plug it in again, or press LShift+RShift+B).

The reset method has been described above, it is simple enough. The instructions below are just to show the reset process in more detail.

Before resetting, delete the paired keyboard from the host device and it is recommended to plug in the USB cable(To prevent the keyboard entering power-saving mode). You also need a device that can search for Bluetooth normally and respond quickly, such as using Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect software for Mac. After performing the reset operation, you can see that the name of Bluetooth has changed.

Then restart the keyboard (unplug the USB cable and plug it in again, or press LShift+RShift+B). Bluetooth should be auto configed. And you will see the Bluetooth name changes to the keyboard default name, but there is a UART logo.

After the Bluetooth configuration is complete, the keyboard will restart automatically. The UART logo will disappear, and the keyboard can also be seen in the system's Bluetooth. It only shows the Bluetooth address, not the name.

Windows is even simpler. You can see the changes of bluetooth name by using the default Bluetooth search interface.

How to do Hardware Reset

As long as the Bluetooth module can be powered, the hardware reset should work.

This requires disassembling the keyboard and shorting the pins on the Bluetooth module with a wire.

1.At first, Turn off the battery switch on the keyboard. Then, delete the paired device on the computer.

2.Short the pin Factory Reset and the pin GND as shown below. While keeping them shorted, plug in the USB cable. After a few seconds, the Bluetooth name should revert to Adafruit Bluefruit LE from the Bluetooth searching interface. At this time, you don’t need to keep the shorting. Unplug the USB cable and plug it in again. The name will change back to the default Bluetooth keyboard name. Reset is complete.

3.After successful reset in step 2 above, it is recommended to unplug the cable and plug it in again, and then connect to Bluetooth.

If step 2 is always unsuccessful, make sure that the Bluetooth function is not turned off. Or replace the shorting tool, as some wires may not be conductive because of its surface with insulating paint.

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