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Reset BLE(Translated by Google)

Some pairing problems can be solved by pressing the keyboard left and right Shift+R to clear the keyboard-side Bluetooth pairing and re-pairing.

But when that way can't be solved, then consider using the Reset Bluetooth mentioned in this article. Divided into software reset and hardware reset.

Under what circumstances need to reset

Of course, it is not normal, and when you can't solve other methods, consider resetting Bluetooth. It is known that when it is mainly used for pairing under a Mac, problems may occur in a very accidental situation.

Specifically, we can now summarize some possible situations, you can refer to:

  1. The battery service is abnormal. There is no battery display on Win10, and sometimes the keyboard input will be wrong.
  2. The Mac can be connected but not usable, and the icon displayed when Win10 searches for Bluetooth is not a keyboard, and it cannot be solved with left and right Shift+R.

Question 1, in Mac, you can view it through Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect, as shown below. If there is less Battery Service, this will cause the keyboard to be used abnormally (both USB and Bluetooth will affect), you need to reset Bluetooth to solve.

Software reset method

This requires firmware support (must be updated to the latest firmware first), BLE series keyboard or modified master support (requires firmware after 2019-06-24)

The latest reset method is not limited to the system, use the Reset in the enhanced function, so you need to set it to the keyboard first, you must set this button to proceed to the next step.

Because resetting Bluetooth is just a function that is rarely used, the button description of the webpage is not added to it. The actual operation is when pressed (generally, Reset will not be set to 0 layer, so the actual use is simultaneously pressed. May be 4 keys)

Left Win+Left Alt+Reset or Left Cmd+Left Opt+Reset

At this time, perform reset Bluetooth. The name of the Bluetooth is changed to Adafruit Bluefruit LE, then restart the keyboard (such as unplug the USB and plug in, or press left and right Shift+B).

The method of resetting is already finished, it is simple enough. The instructions below are just to better see the reset process.

Before resetting, delete the paired Bluetooth and plug in the USB cable (the keyboard does not sleep in order to maintain USB power). Need a device that can search for Bluetooth and react faster, such as Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect under Mac. After performing the above reset operation, you can see that the name of the Bluetooth has changed.

Then restart the keyboard (such as unplug the USB and plug in, or press left and right Shift+B), Bluetooth will restart the configuration, you will see a change in the middle, Bluetooth becomes the initial name, but there is a UART logo here.

After the Bluetooth configuration is completed, the keyboard will automatically restart once. The sound of the new hardware will not be heard under the Mac, but the UART logo will disappear, and the keyboard can be seen in the Bluetooth of the system, but the address of the Bluetooth is displayed, not the name.

Windows is even simpler, and you can directly open the interface that searches for Bluetooth. The change of the Bluetooth name will be displayed throughout. No need to send a picture.

Hardware reset method

This requires disassembling the keyboard and then shorting the pins on the Bluetooth module with a wire or tweezers. Most of the content is consistent with the software reset, and the mapping is not repeated. Currently, the YDKB BLE series keyboard can be reset in this way.

  1. At the beginning, turn off the power switch on the keyboard first, so that the battery is no longer used. Then, delete the paired devices on your computer, and then make sure you can search for the win10 Bluetooth search interface.
  2. Short-circuit the two feet of the Bluetooth module. You can use a sharper tweezers or a DuPont line on both sides. More than 10 seconds, you can silently count for 15 seconds, then let go. In fact, the second one is short-circuited with GND. If you feel that these two points are not convenient to operate, you can also short the second foot and the top of the Bluetooth module.
  3. After the step 2 is released, the Bluetooth name will change to Adafruit Bluefruit LE. If there is no change, it may not be shorted or not enough. Please re-operate. After confirming that the name has changed, unplug the USB cable and plug it in again. At this time, Bluetooth will be reconfigured and the name will change back to the default.
  4. After the name changes back to the default, do not rush to connect, first unplug the USB. Then close the Bluetooth search interface, then re-open the search interface, then plug in the USB again, confirm that the Bluetooth keyboard found at this time is the default name, and the icon is a keyboard. You can connect now.
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