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Bluetooth settings and use (Translated by Google)

I have already talked about pairing before, let's talk about some uses of the Bluetooth function, the main Bluetooth function setting buttons, in the LEDS AND FUNCTIONS. As shown in the figure below, there will be a function description when the mouse is pointed. Set the button you want to the keyboard. Some functions have default shortcuts. You can use them without setting them.

From left to right, there are some that may not be listed here, and another explanation.

  1. Bluetooth / USB switch
  2. Set Bluetooth to discover
  3. Set Bluetooth not to be found
  4. Clear all paired devices on the keyboard side
  5. Lock Mode (Some keyboards have not been updated yet)

Bluetooth/USB Switch

Shortcuts Left and right Shift+U

USB and Bluetooth can be connected to different computers. The keyboard is always in Bluetooth mode when the USB cable is not plugged in. When the keyboard is plugged into the USB, it will automatically switch to USB mode. When the USB cable is plugged into the keyboard, you can switch between Bluetooth and USB. You can set a button yourself or use Left and Right Shift+U.

In addition, switching between multiple paired Bluetooth devices is not supported. If multiple Bluetooth devices are paired, switch from A to B. Assuming that A is currently connected, you need to turn off Bluetooth for A and turn on Bluetooth for B. This is limited by the module's own firmware does not support active switching. If the firmware of the module itself is updated, or other solutions are appropriate, switching between Bluetooth devices will be added in the future.

Bluetooth name modification

Most of the YDKB BLE keyboard Bluetooth names can be modified by themselves. With the YDKB Control, this brush kit downloaded from can be found. Select your own keyboard on the first page, then in the last page of the Bluetooth settings, output the name you want to modify, and then click the Modify Bluetooth Name button. Do not dislike this interface ugly, temporarily use, there is better than no.

Setting up Bluetooth to discover

Shortcuts Left and right Shift+I

This setting will be saved in the Bluetooth module. The default is to discover. Only when Bluetooth is discoverable, can it be searched and paired by other devices when it is not connected to any device.

Setting Bluetooth is not discoverable

Shortcuts Left and right Shift+O

This setting will be saved in the Bluetooth module. After setting, it will not be displayed in other devices when searching for Bluetooth. If you want to re-pair, remember to change back to discover.

Clear all paired devices on the keyboard side

Shortcuts Left and right Shift+R

This is mentioned at the end of each pairing. The main purpose is to use the command to clear the paired devices on the keyboard when the Bluetooth pairing or connection is abnormal. Then delete the keyboard and re-pair the corresponding device.

Lock Mode (Lock Mode)

Some keyboards have already added this feature, and if there is a choice in the add function, this feature is supported. When you press this button, the keyboard immediately turns off Bluetooth and enters power saving. You can wake up only by pressing F and J at the same time or by re-plugging the USB or re-switching the power. Suitable for not closing the switch directly into the bag.

Switch energy saving mode

Shortcuts Left and right Shift+P

This is not a common feature, and even some people have misunderstood this item, so there is no button to be set in the enhanced function. By default, the keyboard will be idle for a period of time and will enter the power-saving state, and the lights will be turned off. Will not affect the normal use. But if you want to turn off this and don't let the keyboard enter energy saving, use the left and right Shift+P to turn it off, press it again and then turn it back on. Turning off the power save mode will greatly shorten the battery life.

How to view the energy-saving mode is turned off, and the light is turned on as long as the light is not off. Then this setting is not saved. Every time you re-plug USB or re-power or restart the keyboard, the power-saving mode will return to the default open state.

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