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Win10 BLE Pairing (Translated by Google)

Here mainly talk about Win10, if it is Win7, refer to BLE Driver for Win7 to install the driver that supports Bluetooth 4.0, in order to use.

Bluetooth is searchable and connected when no Bluetooth device is connected to the device and Bluetooth is not turned off. After the computer or other device has found the keyboard Bluetooth, click on it to pair the connection. It is not necessary to enter a PIN code when connecting.

Some win10 users installed the driver provided by the Bluetooth manufacturer. When pairing, there was a request for a PIN code and the pairing was unsuccessful. This is also because the driver does not support Bluetooth 4.0. As shown below.

In this case, you need to uninstall Win10 to uninstall the extra Bluetooth to drive back to Win10's own driver. Win10's built-in Bluetooth search and connection interface is black and black. In this interface, you can click on the device to connect, you do not need to enter the PIN code.

If you encounter other problems

If there is an pairing or connection exception, including but not limited to the inability to pair, the power will not be connected after the pairing, the computer repeatedly shows that the connection has been paired, etc., you can use the keyboard's clear paired (left and right Shift+R or self-setting) function, this operation is to clear all the paired in the Bluetooth module Information must be re-paired on the device after it has been executed, instead of just deleting the Bluetooth keyboard on the device and pairing it, which does not necessarily solve the problem.

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