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Bluetooth 4.0 driver installation (for win7)

Because win7 is released earlier than Bluetooth 4.0, and Microsoft has not updated win7 to support Bluetooth 4.0, so to use Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard, you must use a third-party driver.

Alternatively, Win7 can also use Niz's dongle (see Niz Dongle).

The bluetooth 4.0 adapter most people use should be the chip CSR8510. This chip can work with bluesoleil's driver.

Run the InstallShield Wizard.

The mobile assistant does not need to be installed

After the installation is complete, a restart is required.

See the Bluetooth icon from the tray menu. The Bluetooth 4.0 low energy management is to be activated (Bluesoleil must be the paid version to have this option).

In Other → HID, add the keyboard and connect.

It may not work when connected. Looking at the device manager, there may be a question mark.

Even if it is not a question mark, if the bluetooth keyboard dose not work, right-click it and select Update Driver.

Select “Browser computer for driver software” and then “Select from a list of device drivers for your computer.”

Then uncheck the box below and select the red box item in the list.

You may be prompted as follows, just ignore it.

Click Yes, and then a new driver will be installed. After installation, it will remind you that you need to restart. In fact, it is ready to use. Of course, it is better to restart it.

Note: My win7 computer was very old and slow. After restart, the keyboard was unavailable in the login interface, but other users said that the login interface was available.

After entering the system and the bluesoleil driver boots, the keyboard will be automatically connected, and it can be used directly without any problems.

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