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BootHID Bootloader (Translated by Google)

At present, YDKB's quite a lot of keyboards use this bootloader, free drive (using the system's own HIDUSB driver).

Basically, according to the corresponding instructions of the keyboard, when the specified button is inserted at the same time, the USB cable is inserted, and the firmware mode is entered.

Source code for BootHID commandline:

How to brush firmware under Mac

Use the above source code to compile the bootloadHID, or download the “Mac under the firmware mode \ (temporary ).zip” from the group share to get the bootloadHID, then,

1 chmod 755 bootloadHID
2 brew install libusb-compat
3 ./bootloadHID

If there is no error description here, it also suggests how to use it.

When you want to brush the firmware, use   ./bootloadHID -r hex path

Actual effect reference picture. The completion is 0x7c00, and the error that appears at the end can be ignored.

Win can not normally brush firmware

Here to talk about possible problems if you can't brush. The latest brush firmware software has been added to the detection driver function, if prompted to drive the error, press the bar operation:

Use zadig (download address:, select the list all in the option, and then let the keyboard enter the brush mode. Check if the USB ID is 16C0 05DF, and the corresponding Driver is HidUsb. This setting may display the name HIDBoot or just a USB input device. In short, the corresponding USB ID is the one below.

The above two pictures are all driven normally. If the display here is not HidUSB, for example, it may be:

This driver is wrong and must be uninstalled.

  1. Find the device in the device manager, non-hid, generally displayed on the universal serial bus or libusb device. Find, right click and select Uninstall Device.

Also remove the device driver when uninstalling

After uninstalling, go to zadig and check if the driver is restored to HidUsb. If not, refresh the device manager and continue uninstalling (for example, if the winusb or libusb driver is installed multiple times, it will need to be uninstalled multiple times until uninstalled. clean).

Supplementary explanation

If you still have special circumstances, such as how to uninstall the driver can not return to HidUSB, then contact me directly to remote processing.

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