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Mass Storage Device Bootloader (U disk mode)

Based on lufa msd, the following keyboards supported by use this brush mode.

Using the U disk mode to brush the keyboard

Windows under the brush method

The way of brushing is basically the same, generally press and hold the upper left corner button or some other specified key (see corresponding to the flashing instructions displayed on the keyboard), insert USB into the flash drive U disk mode. Then drag the firmware bin file (no need to be case sensitive) to the U disk to overwrite the original file.

Mac under the brush method

The method of entering the U disk mode of the flash machine is the same as above, but the method of copying files is different.   - Delete the bin file in the firmware first, and then delete it in the Trash.   - Keep the newly downloaded bin file name the same as the previously deleted bin file, and then copy it to the USB flash drive (note the order).   - After the file is copied, the USB flash drive pops up and the brush is completed.

If you repeatedly enter U disk mode

If this problem occurs, most of it is because the downloaded bin file is incorrect. You can use a txt file editor to open the bin file and see if the content is empty. Or use the hex viewer to see if the front of the file is all FFFF.

The solution is to refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) several times to re-download the firmware and then re-brush it in.

If the reminder download file is wrong

If you encounter a reminder during the download, “The download file is wrong, Ctrl+F5 refresh the page and try again”, use Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page several times, or download it in Chrome's incognito mode. A simple detection mechanism was added before the file was downloaded to avoid the problem of “empty entry into the U disk mode” caused by the empty file being downloaded.

If you can't overwrite the bin file

If you directly cover the bin prompt space is insufficient, open the resource manager to display hidden files, and see if the U disk contains other files besides xxx.bin and eeprom.bin, if the computer itself is poisoned, write to the new u disk. If the file takes up space, replacing xxx.bin will remind you that there is not enough space to replace it.

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