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Instructions for this keymap editor

  1. Select keyboard from upper left corner. If the keyboard supports multiple layouts, click the Circle icon on the left to select your layout.
  2. After the selection, through READ KEYMAP, you can choose Upload file to upload your previous downloaded firmware to read its keymap.
  3. To set a key, click the key you want to modify, and then Press a key on your hardware keyboard, or select from the virtual keyboard below. For special keys such as FN key, LED lights, multimedia mouse button, and so on, please choose them from the virtual keyboard.
  4. When finish your keymap setting, in the upper right corner download dropmenu, click DL . HEX FILE or DL .BIN FILE to download the new firmware. In “GUIDE AND INFO” tab, there shows how to reflash the current keyboard.
  5. In Download dropmenu, through “Get shared-url”, you can get a long link or short link to save or share your current keymap settings.
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