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 +## Instructions for this keymap editor
 +1. **Select keyboard** from upper left corner. If the keyboard supports multiple layouts, click the Circle icon on the left to select your layout. ​
 +2. After the selection, through **READ KEYMAP**, you can choose **Upload file** to upload your previous downloaded firmware to read its keymap.
 +3. To set a key, click the key you want to modify, and then **Press a key on your hardware keyboard**, or select from the virtual keyboard below. For special keys such as FN key, LED lights, multimedia mouse button, and so on, please choose them from the virtual keyboard.
 +4. When finish your keymap setting, in the upper right corner **download** dropmenu, click **DL . HEX FILE** or **DL .BIN FILE** to download the new firmware. In "GUIDE AND INFO" tab, there shows how to reflash the current keyboard. ​
 +5. In **Download** dropmenu, through **"Get shared-url"​**,​ you can get a long link or short link to save or share your current keymap settings.
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