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Overview of key functions

It mainly explains the following functions. When the mouse is pointed, there are corresponding function prompts.

Single Key

Usual key on usual keyboard. Most keys can be selected directly from the graphical keyboard interface. There are some special keys that you want to use such as F13 to F24 which can be selected from the “SINGLE KEY” popup list.

Mods Key

The Mods refer to ctrl shift alt(option) win(command). This function can be used to set a key to act as multiple modifier keys such as ctrl+shift, or mods with a regular key such as win+e, ctrl+shift+s.

Mods Tap Key

This function acts as a key when clicked, and mods when long pressed or held. For example, it can make the original capslock, when it is clicked, it is capslock, and when it is long pressed, it is ctrl. Long press is a decision that takes a certain amount of time, so when using this function, you need to get used to long press time.

Layer Momentary

Similar to the FN of a production keyboard. The actual effect is that the layer is opened when the FN is held down, and the layer is closed when released. This is the most basic layer function.

Layer Toggle

Unlike Layer Momentary, Layer Toggle switchs one layer's state when clicked.

For example, if the layer is open, the click a Layer Toggle key, the layer is closed. And if it is closed, it is turned on by clicking.

Layer Mods

This function is equivalent to pressing the selected modifier key while momentarily opening the layer.

Layer Tap Key

Click means a key. Long press or when combined with other keys means the instant momentarily opening the layer.

Layer Tap Toggle

Usually the effect is the same as Layer Momentary, but if it is clicked multiple times (the number of times is defined by the firmware), its function is the same as Layer Toggle.

Default Layer Set

Set a layer as the default layer. The default layer refers to the layer that is always on.

Launch Shortcut

This is a special usage only for windows. For details, see “Launch Shortcut” in Features in the list.


This has no effect on the key function settings. When a key is selected, if the function of this key is not listed above (such as a funtction in the LEDs & Functions) will be displayed as other.

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