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Mods Key

The modifier key refers to ctrl shift alt(option) win(command). This button function can be used to set a key to be pressed by multiple modifier keys such as ctrl+shift, or as a modifier key combination. For example, multiple modifier keys such as win+e, ctrl+shift+s plus a combination of regular buttons.

The modifier keys are in no order. Shift+Ctrl+Alt is the same as Ctrl+Alt+Shift, which means that the three modifier keys are pressed at the same time.

Select the modifier button (combination button) in the button function, and then select the button and modifier button, and then click the button to the button to modify the button selected on the keyboard. As shown below (note that the middle is the button, the right is the modifier key or modifier key combination)

At this time, the button set above, when the mouse is pointed, has reminded that the function of the key is Ctrl+Shift+A.

The shortcut keys supported in most software are such modifier key combinations.

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