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Mods Tap Key

This function is very similar to Layer Tap Key.

Some discussion :

Click is a key, long press or combined with other keys is mods. The main points are the same as Layer Tap Key.

This feature also has a limit

  1. The “key” triggered when clicked must be a regular key, not a modifier key combination such as Shift+A.

Here is an example. In the settings below, this is a regular 60% Poker layout. There is no individual arrow keys, but we can still use the four buttons in the lower right corner as the arrow keys. The original right Shift is set here. Click is up| Long press is RShift. However, this arrow up is not suitable for playing games, because it is also explained as in Layer Tap Key, in order to achieve long-press operation, you need to double-click and press this key instead of directly pressing and holding.

If it is for gaming, you can set it in layer 1 to be arrow up, and then open layer 1 or set the default layer to 1 when you need playing game.

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