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Mods Key

Understand the previous button | Instantly open layer , the function of this button | modifier button is very well understood. Some discussion can be seen:

Click the Yes button, long press and when combined with other keys are modifier keys. The main points and precautions are the same as before.

Let me first talk about the main points of this feature.

  1. Click the Yes button, the trigger mode is different from the normal button. The normal button is triggered when pressed, and here is triggered when released.
  2. Press and hold another button, or press and hold for a certain time, it is a modifier button.
  3. If you want to implement a long press, then because pressing and long pressing is a modifier, you need to double click and keep pressing.

Why is it triggered when it is lifted, because if the button is triggered when pressed, then there is no way to determine whether the user is clicking or long pressing.

Then this feature also has a limit

The "button" triggered when clicked must be a regular button, not a modifier key combination such as Shift plus a button.

   So the actual use is, one is to pay attention to it as a button, because it is effective when it is lifted, so it feels slightly delayed than other buttons.

For example, in the settings below, this is a regular 60 Poker column. There is no separate arrow button, but we can still use the four buttons in the lower right corner as the arrow keys. The original right Shift is set here. Click is the direction | Long press is right Shift, so there are up and down. However, this direction is not suitable for playing games, because it is also said in the front, in order to achieve long-press operation, you need to double-click and press this button instead of directly pressing and holding.

If it is for the game, you can set it in layer 1 alone in the direction, and then open the layer or as the default layer when you need the game.

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