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Normal Keys

Usual key on usual keyboard. Most keys can be selected directly from the graphical keyboard interface. There are some special keys that you want to use such as F13 to F24 which can be selected from the “SINGLE KEY” popup list.

When setting these keys, you can also press directly from a keyboard that can be used on the computer, without selecting them in the figure below.

There are also several special ones in it.

  1. TRNS, this means “transparent”. You can also click with the middle mouse button for quick setting.
  2. On the right of F12, the one is the disabled. You can also click with middle mouse button while holding LShift for quick setting

Generally, in a layer, the default blank key is TRNS. If you want to disable this key in this layer, set it to Disable.

There is also a Fn/L1, which is convenient for some new users. In fact this is L1 that acts as Fn for most keyboards. Using Fn with other keys will output the keys set in Layer 1. For more detail, please refer to Layer_Momentary


Most of the normal keys are supported in USB mode, but BLE series do not support JIS keys and F13 to F24 keys in wireless mode.

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