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Monochrome backlight

There are two kinds of monochrome backlight for YDKB keyboards.

  1. One is that the backlight is all controlled together, such as YD60BLE, Just60, YD68.
  2. One is that per-switch backlight can be controlled individually, such as Minira, CAD66.

Only the keyboards with per-switch controlled backlight can support a variety of lighting effects, which requires hardware support.

Control Method

No matter what kind of the monochrome backlight it is, the control method is the same. From LEDs & Functions, select the following function to control the backlight. The function of each button will be explained when the mouse is pointed.

A total of four backlight control keys, from left to right

  1. Backlight switch
  2. Backlight mode stepping (move to next until the last, then move to the first)
  3. Backlight mode previous
  4. Backlight mode next

Effects for all controlled together backlight

Most keyboards with all controlled together backlight have effects as follows:

mode effect
1-3Three-level brightness
4-6Three-speed breathing
7The faster you type, the brighter the backlight is
8The faster you play, the darker the backlight is

Effects for per-switch controlled backlight

With per-switch controlled backlight, it supports more effects.

Keyboards with per-switch controlled backlight
MiniraCad66ALF X3
mode effect
1-3Three-level brightness
4Single switch lights up when typing
6layer indication
7-8Two-level stars
9-10Two-level raindrops
11Horse Racing
12-13Two-speed breathing
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