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Some keyboards support LEDMAP. An LEDMAP Tab is displayed at the end of the selection layer.

There are two kinds of indicators

  1. One is monochrome and can only be set.
  2. One is RGB, in addition to setting the indicator function, you can also specify the color.

There are several types of functions for the indicator:

  1. Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock.
  2. The highest layer that is on.
  3. The current default layer.
  4. Special indicators such as WinLock
  5. There are also some special options that are not indicators, but are used to configure IO interfaces and functions such as Bluetooth and WS2812.

Layer 1-7: when the highest layer that is on is the set value, turn on this indicator.

Default Layer 1-7, when the current default layer is the set value, turn on this indicator. currently supports up to 8 indicators. The 8 are not physically 8 leds, but logic ones. Multiple leds can used as one indicator. or one RGB led with different colors can be used as different indicators.

For example, the RGB red in the figure below means that all the bottom lights are bright red.


The Num, Caps, and Scroll Lock indicators are not synchronous with the OS status in Bluetooth mode. They just toggle on or off when pressed. If one indicator is out of sync, you can use Shift + KEY, such as Shift + Capslock. In this way CapsLock will take effect but its indicator won't change.

They are synchronous in USB mode.

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