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Launch shortcut (temporary only part of the keyboard support)

Currently supported keyboards are Taichi Pad, BLE40, YDKB, AKB48, 1800mini, YD60BLE, Minira, CAD66, Chili, Grape, Leechee, and will gradually expand to support more keyboards.

A new feature added to support only windows. The principle is:

After entering a command through win+R, windows first finds the corresponding program or shortcut from the path added in the environment variable, and then runs it. If not, the prompt cannot be found. You can find the setting by entering “Environment Variable” in the direct start menu, or start the shortcut with the keyword “win+r” on the Internet. There are also a lot of setup tutorials for searching. supports from 00 to 99, a total of 100, the corresponding shortcut is 00 to 99. Put a shortcut to the suggestion to be launched, put it in the folder under the environment variable path (you can add one yourself), as shown below.

The corresponding button is set on the keyboard, and the serial number corresponds to the name of the shortcut on the computer.

Shortcuts are not limited to applications. Many things can create shortcuts, such as opening a file quickly, opening a URL, running a program in a parameterized manner, and so on.

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