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FC660C/FC980C BLE Mod (BLE660C/BLE980C)

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As they share the same firmware and hardware, I put them together.

Most information, please refer to the BLE Series Part. Here we mainly talk about some special features of BLE660C and BLE980c.

Bluetooth Pairing

In short, there is no need to enable pairing mode. When Bluetooth is unconnected and discoverable, you can pair it. Mainly refer to this section: BLE Series

If you have any problem, use this instruction to do troubleshooting: BLE troubleshooting

Battery Charging

It is recommended to use the computer's USB port or a regular 5v charger to charge the keyboard. Improper charging(like more than 6v) may broke the charging IC. Using a high-power charger will not increase the charging speed as the default charging current is limited to about 450mA. That is to say, it takes about 6 hours to fully charge a 2500mAh battery.

The charging indicator is a red led below the left USB HUB port. You can see it from the back. It has three states:

  1. Low brightness or flicker means abnormal(no battery or battery problem).
  2. High brightness means charging
  3. off or extremely low brightness means that the battery is fully charged.

Generally it is no need to pay too much attention to this indicator light. You can know how long it takes to charge after one charge.

In win10 1809 or later, the battery percentage display is supported. It is not accurate and is for reference only (especially the error displayed during charging will be greater). Every 10% is a level and the highest is 90%. In addition, the percentage is displayed as x1% during charging which is 1% more than when not charging as the following pic shows.

When fully charged, the charging indicator will go off or the brightness will be extremely low.

Mac has blocked the battery service of third-party Bluetooth devices. Thus we can use Output Battery Percetage as Text function (default hotkey for HHKB BLE is Fn+E) if we want to know the battery level: Charge & Battery Information

In addition, for the power switch, in order to fill the hole on the back, a self-locking switch for flashlight is used. Its status is not obvious. It is on when popped up and off when pressed down. When it pops up, it can be seen that it is a little higher than the bottom of the case. You can also know whether the power is turned off by setting a keyboard indicator (such as a layer indicator or a capslock led). When the USB cable is not plugged and the power switch is off, the indicator should not light up when pressing the corresponding key.

Edit Keymap

The firmware is based on tmk and can be set on Various keyboard functions can be set through the web page.

Reflash Firmware

Please refer to this:Mass Storage Device Bootloader(like disk drive)

After entering the bootloader(flash mode), the capslock led and insert led will flash. The capslock led will flash quickly when writing firmware to the controller.

Indicators and Power Saving

Common functions for indicators can be defined by LEDMAP( LEDMAP). The indicator lights only when the keyboard is working, not power saving. It is recommended not to set any indicators to a function that may keep it constantly on as that may increase the power consumption and significantly reduce the battery life.

The description of the indicators below is for the BLE660C. The BLE980C is slightly different because it has three leds. But most of them are similar.

Besides LEDMAP setting, they have some other special functions.

  1. When entering Lock Mode, the two led are both on first, then off one by one.
  2. When waking up from deep power saving, the two leds will be on at the same time and then off.
  3. When the battery is low, the two leds will flash at the same time when using the keyboard. You can still use it for two or three days after low battery alert.
  4. When the battery is extremely low, the two leds will flash very fast(about 3 times per second) at the same time when using the keyboard. It is recommended to charge it as soon as possible.

Then about the power saving mode:

  1. After the keyboard is idle for 3 seconds without pressing any key, it enters the general power saving mode. At this mode, the matrix is scanned every 30ms. If there is any key pressed, it exits the general power saving mode.
  2. If the keyboard's bluetooth is not connected for 90 seconds, or it is idle for more than 2.5 hours, it will turn off bluetooth and enter the deep power saving mode. Press and hold any key for 3 to 5 seconds to wake it up.
  3. Using Lock Mode will directly make the keyboard enter deep power saving mode. The difference from 2 is that by this way, you can press and hold only F and J together for 3 to 5 seconds to wake it up.

To see bluetooth connection status, press LShift+RShift+S:

  1. The two leds flash. During the flashing process, its on and off time are the same. This means bluetooth is not connected.
  2. The two leds flash slowly. During the flashing process, their light-on time is significantly longer than the light-off time. This means bluetooth is connected.

The power consumption of the deep power saving mode is very low. For daily use you don't need to turn the power switch off, just leave the keybaord to let itselt enter power saving mode. If you want take it away in a bag, it is recommended to make it enter Lock Mode to prevent unexpectedly wake up.

The following gif shows the effect when low battery.

Exception Handling

If something goes wrong during work, the quickest way is to re-plug the USB cable or switch the keyboard power switch off and on again to check if it works well again.

If you have problems using it after pairing, see the BLE Series section. Generally, detele the bonding information and re-pairi can solve most problems. If that not works, please refer to Reset Bluetooth.

If any other bugs, email me.

Hardware Differences

Make a note of the differences between the hardware versions I've sold so that others can check.


Support both FC660C and FC980C.


Support only FC660C.
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