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Familiar with the tmk master of hasu, this should not be introduced. Simply put, it is the power-saving optimization version. The power saving of the hardware comes from two points. One is that the Bluetooth uses the ble module, and the other is that the working voltage no longer needs 5v, so there is no need to boost. The power saving of the software comes from the power saving strategy based on the hardware characteristics. The combination of the two, the battery life may be 6 to 10 times more than the hasi version of the bt controller or more. But the biggest hero still is him (the whole working principle of the HHKB keyboard part), I just stand on the achievements of the predecessors and improve the product.

The BLE section refers to the instructions in the previous section of this help document. Here are some special places for HHKB BLE Mod. This section may be updated with additional updates.

The firmware update record is visible: HHKB BLE Firmware Update Record

Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth pairing is mainly referred to, BLE dual mode use Simply put, you don't need to enable pairing mode separately, as long as Bluetooth is unconnected and discoverable, you can pair. The search for mac and ios is not available in the above document. In addition, when there is a connection exception, there are also processing methods.

Switch Description

In the main control, the original dip switch position has a toggle switch. This is also the only switch on the master. Its role is to turn off the battery's external power supply, not to turn off Bluetooth. When this switch is off, if the USB cable is plugged in, Bluetooth will still work because there is USB power.

If you want to turn off Bluetooth, please see Bluetooth Switch and Connection Status

Charging attention

It is recommended to use the USB port of the computer or the regular 5v charger to charge. If there is any improper charging, the Bluetooth will be invalid. And using a high-power charger does not increase the charging speed, the default charging current is about 450ma.

The charging indicator is located below the USB HUB port on the left. As you can see from the back, the charging indicator has three states.

  1. Low brightness or flashing, indicating that the battery is abnormal (no battery or battery problem)
  2. Higher brightness, indicating charging
  3. Off, indicating that the battery is fully charged, and when it is full, it will automatically stop charging.

Generally, you don't have to pay attention to this indicator light. After charging it once, you will know how long it will take.

In win10 1809, the percentage display of the power is supported. The display is about the approximate level. It is not accurate. It is for reference only. Every 10% is a level, so the highest display is only 90%. In addition, during charging, the power is displayed as x1%, which is 1% more than when it is not charged. The picture below shows the amount of power displayed while charging.

When it is full, it will display 100%, and the charging indicator of the main control itself will also go out. If the line is unplugged at this time, the remaining power will be displayed as 90%. This is normal, and if the line is plugged in again, it will show 91% of the value indicating that it is charging, and after a short time it will go to 100%.

Firmware Settings

The firmware is based on tmk and is set on Common functions can be set via web pages.

Firmware Update

You can look directly at this part. Mass Storage Device Bootloader

After entering the bootloader, the three indicators in the upper right corner of the HHKB_BLE dual-mode master will flash, and the third indicator will flash rapidly when the file is swiped. (If the three lights are not soldered, for example, the black casing itself has no additional solution, you can also see the indicator status under the USB interface on the right)

The supplementary explanation is that in addition to the upper left corner button (usually ESC), the plug line can enter the flash mode, and you can also use , in order to prevent accidental pressing, when pressed with the left Ctrl, that is, left Ctrl+Reset, can Jump directly to the brush mode, no need to pull the line and then re-plug.

Indicator description and energy saving

In addition to the above mentioned LED mode indicator function. Ordinary functions can be defined by LEDMAP(LEDMAP)). The indicator light only lights up when the keyboard is not saving. It is recommended not to set the indicator that needs to be constantly on, and each indicator light is always on to increase the power consumption, which will reduce the battery life.

In addition to the defined functions, there is a special role.

  1. When entering Lock Mode, the three lights are turned on at the same time, then turned off from right to left.
  2. When waking up from secondary energy saving, the three indicators will be illuminated at the same time and then off.
  3. When the battery is low (about 10% start), the three indicators will flash simultaneously when using the keyboard. It can still be used for two or three days after the report is low, but it is recommended to charge as soon as possible.

Then a description of the energy saving mode:

  1. After the keyboard is idle for 3 seconds without pressing any button, it enters the first level of energy saving. At this time, every 30ms, the matrix is ​​checked again. If there is a button, the first level energy saving is exited. This wakeup process is very fast.
  2. If the keyboard is not connected for 90 seconds, or if the idle time is more than 2.5 hours, then the Bluetooth will be turned off and disconnected to enter the secondary energy saving. Press and hold any key for 3 to 5 seconds to wake up.
  3. Using Lock Mode, you will enter the secondary energy saving directly. The difference with 2 is that in this mode, you can only wake up by pressing F and J at the same time. You cannot long press any key to wake up.

Bluetooth connection status, press Left Shift+Right Shift+S to switch the Bluetooth connection status indication switch:

  1. The rightmost LED3 is flashing. During the flashing process, the light is on and off, and the Bluetooth is not connected.
  2. The rightmost LED3 flashes slightly slower. During the flashing process, the time of the brightening is significantly longer than the time of the extinction. At this time, the Bluetooth is connected.

The black shell indicator light is opaque, so either DIY a LED yourself, or just follow the operating habits.

The power consumption of the second-level energy-saving is very low. If it is not used for a long time, for example, it is not used for the next day, you can directly let the keyboard enter the second-level energy-saving or directly enter the Lock Mode (the latter is more suitable for the bag to prevent Unexpected wake up).

Additional explanation: There is also a led light under each of the other two USB female ports. The left side is the charging indicator and the red light. The one on the right and the led3 are the same function, the default green light.


The interface that comes with it is the miniUSB interface, so the highest cable used here only supports usb 2.0 high speed.

In addition to the two interfaces outside HHKB, a USB interface is left inside the keyboard. These interfaces are forbidden to connect to high-current devices, and at most one U disk. Do not use equipment such as keyboards with a lot of other lights. The internal USB power supply is controllable, and the control buttons can be selected in the Lights and Enhancements, it is recommended to use this inside to put a USB flash drive.

There is no hole in the HHKB JP case. By default, the two USB ports will not be soldered. The internal USB port can still be used.

Exception handling

If a button error trigger or random trigger occurs. Please confirm the battery and the internal USB socket according to the installation instructions provided by Taobao, and whether it is insulated from the keyboard of the keyboard.

If there is any abnormality during work, the quickest way is to re-plug the usb cable or switch the keyboard power switch again.

If there is a problem with pairing, see the BLE Series section, in general, clear pairing can be solved. Still not, then see reset Bluetooth, whether it belongs to the situation mentioned here, especially for Mac users.   If you encounter a bug, you can report it to me through the group contact.

Difference in hardware version

Record the difference between the hardware versions sold, so that others can view them later.


The difference with v2.3 is that 5V is no longer supported and only 3.3V is supported. This version only supports HHKB Pro2 (including Type-S, US layout). The internal USB host is changed to the main control PCB.


The first official version. Supports 5v and 3.3v, but the 5v circuit is unwelded. Support HHKB Pro2 (including Type-S, US layout) and HHKB JP.
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