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MCU Atmega32u4

Hardware infomation

COL 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
PIN D6 D7 B4 B5 B6 C6 C7 E2 F7 F6 F5
ROW 0 1 2 3
PIN F4 F1 F0 E6
Caps Lock LED Backlight WS2812 Data WS2812 Power Bluetooth Power
B7 D0 D1 D4 D5


by ProD

User Guide of Chicory BLE (Provided by ProD)

Important update of firmware in recent days.

a. Add battery status display function: you can check battery status in “Control Panel-Bluetooth Setting” under Windows 10 (Ver. 1809) directly. For other Windows version, use software like “Bluetooth Battery Monitor”, etc.
b. Add “Lock Mode”: Bluetooth will be shut down when this “Lock Mode button” pressed. Only button “F” and “J” (not including “D” & “H”) being pressed will re-activate the bluetooth function. You can also replug the cable to restart the bluetooth.
More functions will be available in the future and thanks to u/yangdigi for continuous update

The Update of Spring Festival
a.Optimized the logic for the “Layer_Tap_Key”.
b.The caps LED will be blinking when battery power is low.

How to build and flash firmware to this keyboard?

a. Access to, this website offers user-friendly visualization interface for setting multi-funtional layers of your need.
b. Select “Download” on the top right corner to download the hex file and tools, decompressed the tools kit you download and run “ydkbs-reflash.exe”, drag hex file to the program, click the right bottom. Next step, long press “ESC” and plug the cable, then release esc to enter flashing mode until flash done.


If you want to use regular spacebar (6.25U), pay attention to the screw that mount on the plate where close to the spacebar, strongly suggest that use the thin-hear screws in the pack attached, otherwise will affect installation of the spacebar stabilizer.

If you use PCB-mount switches, you’ll need to clip the legs of the switch next to the battery


Use computer usb port or licensed charger to charge the battery, all consequences of improper use will be borne by users themselves.

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