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Default command keys

This is TMK's Magic Commands function (some keyboards do not have this feature enabled). Here is a list of all the default command keys supported by YDKB.

All references in the text to pressing `` LShift + RShift + XX '' refer to holding down the left Shift and right Shift first and press XX key once. You can then release the left and right shifts. Only press one command at a time. To press another command, you need to release the left and right Shift keys, and then press the left and right Shift keys again.

LShift+RShift+Other Key is for preset functions. When you don’t know what that command means, don’t press them. Random pressing may cause configuration errors.

Default command keys for BLE Series

The following is only supported by the BLE series.

Keys Command Description
LShift+RShift+W Toggle bluetooth function on/off
LShift+RShift+R Delete bonding information
LShift+RShift+U Switch between bluetooth and USB mode
LShift+RShift+I Set bluetooth to be discoverable
LShift+RShift+O Set bluetooth to be not discoverable
LShift+RShift+P Toggle bluetooth energe save mode on/off
LShift+RShift+S display bluetooth connection status
LShift+RShift+V Output battery level in text
LShift+RShift+B Restart keyboard

Default command keys for all

The following is only supported by all YDKB keyboard that has this feature enabled.

Keys Command Description
LShift+RShift+F10,F1…F7 Set default layer to 0…7
LShift+RShift+0…7 Set default layer to 0…7
LShift+RShift+N Toolge NKRO/6KRO in USB Mode
LShift+RShift+Pause Restart keyboard or enter flash mode*1

*1.Enter flash mode is only for keyboard with atmel dfu bootloader.

There are some other commands that are unimportant or for debug, which will not be listed for now.

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